The World Cup bus slogan all of England hopes will ring true has been revealed


A national anthem-inspired slogan will adorn the side of the England team’s World Cup bus.

After a vote by fans online, “Send us victorious” emerged as the winner from a choice that also included “Drive forward as one” and “Pride. Passion. Together”.

Despite the nation’s recent controversy over slogans on the side of buses, thousands of fans voted for the winning entry and will be hoping it rings true for Gareth Southgate’s Three Lions team.

More than 11,000 fans voted on Twitter, with 44% opting for the third option and 43% for the first slogan, which won when votes from other social networks were counted.

The slogans on the buses which will carry England’s Group G opponents have also been revealed, with Tunisia fans choosing “Russia here comes the eagles hand in hand players and fans”.

Just in case anyone was underestimating World Cup debutant Panama, their bus will read: “Panama the force of two seas”, and England should beware of their final group opponents Belgium because they will be “Red Devils on a mission”.

Here is a list of each nation’s team bus slogan:

– Argentina: Together for a dream

– Australia: Be brave, be bold, Socceroos in green and gold

– Belgium: Red Devils on a mission

– Brazil: More than 5 stars, 200 million hearts

– Colombia: Here goes 1 dream, 3 colours and 50 million hearts

– Costa Rica: Nothing is impossible when a whole country plays

– Croatia: Small country, big dreams

– Denmark: Together we make history

– England: Send us victorious

– Egypt: When you say Pharaohs, the world must get up and listen

– France: Your strength, our passion! Come on Les Bleus!

– Germany: Let’s write history together

– Iceland: Let’s make our dream come true

– Iran: 80 million people, 1 nation, 1 heart beat

– Japan: It’s time to battle, samurai blue!

– Korea Republic: Tigers of Asia, conquer the world

– Mexico: Made in Mexico, made for victory

– Morocco: The Atlas Lions, pride of Morocco

– Nigeria: The wings of African pride

– Panama: Panama the force of two seas

– Peru: We are back! 30 million Peruvians are travelling here

– Poland: Go Poland!

– Portugal: The past is glory, the present is history

– Russia: Play with an open heart

– Saudi Arabia: Desert knights

– Senegal: Impossible is not Senegalese

– Serbia: One team, one dream – Serbia!

– Spain: Together we are invincible

– Sweden: Together for Sweden!

– Switzerland: Four languages, one nation

– Tunisia: Russia here comes the eagles hand in hand players and fans

– Uruguay: The sun shines in Russia, the sky is all light blue


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