What the papers say – July 18


The return to office life features on Saturday’s front pages alongside pictures of Captain Tom Moore being knighted by the Queen.

The Times leads with a report that Ian Botham is to be given a peerage as Boris Johnson marks a year since becoming Prime Minister, while Ken Clarke, Philip Hammond and Ed Vaizey will also be made lords.

The Daily Telegraph carries the words of Mr Johnson who has urged the public to be “optimistic”, asking people to go back to work by August and expecting life to return to normal by Christmas, while the Daily Express carries a similar story.

The Guardian reports that the Prime Minister’s roadmap has sparked a row.

The Financial Times leads on a similar story, saying that businesses have welcomed the end of the “work from home” directive.

The i says Mr Johnson’s roadmap has been given an “expert reality check” after his advisers struck “a note of caution”.

The Daily Mirror leads with the Madeleine McCann case, with the paper reporting that a suspect had a female accomplice.

The Daily Mail leads with the “royal wedding sensation” after Princess Beatrice got married in secret, the first royal nuptials behind closed doors for 235 years.

While the Daily Star says “2020 just got worse” after Cadbury said it would reduce the size of some chocolate bars.


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