Rudy Giuliani accidentally tweets the word ‘you’ and gives internet a new meme


Being in the public eye and accidentally sending out an unfinished or mangled tweet can come back to haunt you on the internet.

Just ask Donald Trump and Ed Balls.

Rudy Giuliani, the former New York City mayor and the US president’s lawyer, sent out a tweet on Sunday that went viral.

The post appears to be a mistake, however it’s prompted some interesting responses.

Many drew their inspiration from music…

Others just wanted to have some fun…

And then Ed Balls joined in, possibly to remind us of his own faux pas seven years ago…

Yes, we all remember that day in April 2011 when Balls tweeted his own name in a failed attempt to search for an article which mentioned him.

And who can forget Trump’s famous (and later deleted) “covfefe” post, which initially baffled Twitter users but later made it into Urban Dictionary?

(Twitter screenshot)


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