Armed police arrest man on suspicion of drug offences in Camden


Armed police arrested a man on suspicion of drug offences in Camden this afternoon.

The man was pulled out of his car by officers carrying guns as part of a pre-planned operation.

John Bres told PA: “I was cycling past and I saw an automatic weapon. I stopped and saw officers holding a man down beside a car with smashed windows. Someone with a baseball cap was holding the public back.”

Tom Miles said he saw 10 police officers with body armour surround a Prius, before smashing the windows.

He told PA: “They eventually dragged either one or two people out of the car. There were about five police cars present, one marked, four unmarked. A large crowd gathered, and after 10 minutes an officer drove the car away.”

The Metropolitan Police said road closures in the area have now been lifted.


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