Climate protesters try to bring Berlin traffic to a halt


German climate activists have attempted to bring traffic to a standstill in Berlin on Monday morning by gluing themselves to streets all over the capital.

Members of the group Last Generation have repeatedly blocked roads across Germany over the past year in an effort to pressure the government to take more drastic action against climate change.

On several occasions, they have glued themselves to the roads, enraging some motorists and prompting accusations of extremism from conservative politicians.

In addition to the road blocks, the activists said they would also block traffic by marching very slowly through the city later in the day.

Germany Climate Protests
A road is blocked with a sit-in by activists of the group Last Generation in Berlin (dpa via AP)

“We will no longer accept that the government has no plan to stop the destruction of our livelihoods,” Last Generation said in a statement.

“We are resisting now.”

Germany Climate Protests
Police remove the pavement next to the hand of a climate activist during a protest against the climate policy of the German government in Berlin (AP)

The group said last week that its members would step up their actions in the coming days and try to “peacefully bring the city to a standstill”.

Last Generation wants Germany to stop using all fossil fuels by 2030 and take short-term measures including the imposition of a general speed limit of 62mph on highways as a way of cutting transport emissions.


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