The great survivor


Nobody thought that the bird, which has now been named Arnie after ‘Terminator’ star Arnold Schwar-zenegger, would still be alive after the pilot of an Aurigny Shorts 360 recently reported a possible bird strike on landing.The plane touched down safely after the strike, and Stuart Hall from the Airport Fire Service prepared to do a clean-up operation to remove the remains of what was assumed would be a feathered corpse.However, to his surprise, the dazed and damaged bird that greeted him was alive and hopping.’Despite bleeding, he was bouncing about but minus one wing,’ said Mr Hall.The firefighter from Blue Watch fetched a drawstring bag and took the bird to Leodis veterinary surgery at St Brelade, where his girlfriend, Donna Nicolas, is the manager.Arnie had passed through the propeller arc and severed one wing higher up than the other, which was also damaged.The big question now was whether he would survive the ordeal.Miss Nicolas said that Arnie deserved a second chance because he was such a feisty youngster.Veterinary surgeon John Hamilton cauterised the wounds and administered a course of antibiotics, and when the bird recovered from shock it started to look for food.

Mr Hamilton said that the decision had been made to treat Arnie because it was considered that his quality of life without the use of his wings could still be good.’He’s still able to strut around for food, which is a pigeon priority.

In fact he’s a tough nut,’ said Mr Hamilton.Arnie is now settling down to life in the sanctuary at the home of Judith Morgan at St Peter, where there is another young wood pigeon being cared for.If that bird turns out to be female, Arnie could discover that a love interest more than makes up for being grounded.


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