Man ‘held knife to throat of café employee’


Joseph John Diack (39), of Cattle Street, reserved his pleas to causing an affray, committing a grave and criminal assault and possessing an offensive weapon, namely two kitchen knives, in a public place on Saturday.The incident is alleged to have happened at Gorey Pier after Diack went into the Beech House for a cup of coffee at 8 am.The court heard that he had been drinking and had gone to the café to sort something out with his brother, who owns it.Police legal adviser Advocate Robin Morris said that Diack had started talking with employee Marcin Kaminski and it had turned into an argument.

Diack then picked up two knives, and, according to witnesses, started waving them around.Mr Kaminski went out into the road and was followed by Diack, who allegedly got him in a neck hold with his right arm and held the eight-inch kitchen knife to his throat.Defending, Advocate David Cadin said that Mr Kaminski had said three times during interview that he had not been frightened by the incident.He argued that Diack should be released on bail.Assistant Magistrate Ian Christmas said that Diack was facing very serious charges.He added that as he had only been in the Island for two months he had no great ties to Jersey and could abscond.Diack was remanded in custody and will reappear in court on 7 July.


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