Nurses’ comments ‘are irresponsible’


Earlier this week, Miss Ward, who is Nurses and Midwives Joint Executive Staff Side chairman, claimed that nurses were particularly frustrated as they struggled with staff shortages on the wards only to see more advertisements for health administration staff.Although she acknowledged that employers faced difficulties attracting nurses in an ever decreasing market, she said that more could be done to improve the situation.Mr Skinner said he was deeply concerned by her comments.

There was no doubt that recruitment for nursing vacancies in Jersey had increased in difficulty, he said, but it was well known that this was mainly attributable to the national shortage.’The committee has already taken steps to raise the profile of nursing in Jersey through a proactive advertising campaign and to ensure it is able to compete for those limited resources in the future,’ Mr Skinner said.They had also commissioned – following consultations which had included Miss Ward – the development of a new organisation and pay structure for nurses and midwives.This initiative not only addressed any anomalies that might exist between Jersey and the UK, but, more importantly, provided a sound basis for professional development, performance measurement and career progression.Mr Skinner said it had to be reported that the prolonged pay negotiations this year had actually prevented implementation of these improved measures.He said: ‘It is therefore likely that if the staff have any concerns at all, they are mainly due to the continued delay in this respect’.Nurses, midwives and auxiliaries have rejected a two-year pay deal.

Miss Ward said that following lengthy talks and conciliation, it seems that arbitration is the only avenue left.


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