Another first for Highlands students


Eight students, all of whom work in the industry, attended the ceremony at London’s Southwark Cathedral and were afterwards treated to a reception in the grounds of the Imperial War Museum.

wo students gained first-class honours: Patrick Jones, who works at Colin S Smith and Partners, and Mark Musselwhite of Tower Shopfitting.

ohn Pyne of Modern Hotels, Paul Carey and Colin Brady who work for Dandara, and Graeme Reddish, who is self-employed, achieved second-class honours.

atthew Collins and Philip Cadoret, both employed at Axis Mason, were awarded the BSc Honours in Architectural Technology.

he students were able to obtain their degrees by adding further studies to their HNC in Building Studies, previously taken at Highlands, and were fully supported by their employers.

ollege principal Dr Edward Sallis said he believed the results were among the best in Britain.

‘It is difficult to achieve a first-class honours in construction, but to have two firsts is an extraordinary achievement.

This is a tribute to the students and their employers.

It is a positive contribution to the Island’s population policy, as it “”upskills”” local people and means we need to import fewer professional building managers.

‘I am grateful for the support of the Training and Employment Partnership and the Education Department for funding one of the most cost-effective degree programmes,’ he said.


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