Doctor’s appointment takes pain out of waiting times


Dr Chad Taylor, a consultant in anaesthesia and pain management, joined Dr Gari Purcell-Jones earlier this year in providing a programme of treatment, which is in major demand.One person in ten has long-term pain, which cannot be fully relieved.

Back pain is a common complaint and represents 40 per cent of chronic pain states.

Long-term pain can have a major adverse effect on the quality of life, leading to social isolation and making loss of employment a major issue.Dr Taylor said that pain management was still a developing area and research by the pharmaceutical companies was likely to produce even more effective drugs within the next few years.

‘Pain is part of the nervous system and is very complicated and not entirely understood,’ he said.He said that a service was available at the General Hospital to inform the public and medical community about the range of treatments and lifestyle advice available to help people to ease or come to terms with their pain levels.


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