Garage ‘must be demolished’


The garage and adjoining parking area was built without planning permission on part of field 666 in the Green Zone.

On Wednesday, the Planning sub-committee refused to grant retrospective consent A Planning department spokesman said that the applicant, John Appleby, is going to be told to take the garage down.’He will be given the opportunity to take it down of his own volition and given a month or two to do so.

However, if he does not, then an enforcement order has been granted and we will take action to affect its demolition,’ said the spokesman.

Mr Appleby could not be contacted for comment on the decision.Meanwhile, an application from Woodside Farms to create a small natural reservoir has been deferred for a site visit by the committee.

Charles Gallichan of Woodside Farms in Trinity said that there is a block of land that slopes quite substantially and the application is designed to make the field more flat while creating a water storage area at the same time.

‘Clearly modern farming requires water storage and we feel this will assist,’ he said.Part of an application made by David Cuthbert for his home Maison Ville de Bas, La Rue de la Devise in St Ouen was refused.

The sub-committee turned down an application to demolish the existing garage and stables and construct a machinery storey, stables and dry store cover.

However, the sub-committee did give permission for an existing outbuilding to be rebuilt to provide a car garage.

In addition, a store room can now be converted to a kitchen with a bedroom above.Mr Cuthbert said that he intends to reassess the proposals that have been refused and make another application at some point.An application to provide additional accommodation at La Nord House, La Rue du Nord in Trinity has been referred for a site visit.

Part of the application is to allow the conversion of a bakehouse to form a study.

The applicant, Jardin de la Reine Ltd, is also seeking permission to relocate vehicle access from La Rue du Nord to La Rue de la Petite Lande.


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