Medal recipient ‘lied about plane rescue’


At the inquest into the death of passenger and father-of-two Andrew Anderson this week, Nigel Gallimore was forced to reveal the truth about what happened following the accident in Bournemouth in August 2004.

After the light aircraft had taken off from Bournemouth, it crashed just outside a theme park and burst into flames.

At the time, Mr Gallimore claimed that he came across the burning wreckage and pulled pilot Robert Le Page and Dave Bougard to safety.

For his efforts he was branded a hero and awarded the Queen’s Commendation for Bravery.

But at the the inquest Mr Gallimore said he got carried away during the interviews from the Air Accident Investigation Branch.

He said at the inquest in Bournemouth: ‘A lot of things happened and a lot was being asked.

In the heat of the moment I probably said things that didn’t happen.’


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