Travel chaos hits the Airport


Armed police were patrolling the Airport and no hand baggage was being allowed on board aircraft, mirroring measures in force at all British airports.

The early flights did eventually get away, although there were delays of up to 90 minutes.

British Airways general manager Bob Wickings said some passengers ‘grumbled and groaned’ when told they had to put items such as mobile phones and iPods in the hold but most were co-operative and understood the situation.

He said about half a dozen people elected not to fly this morning on BA flights out of the Island.

Jersey’s Assistant Economic Development Minister Alan Maclean said: ‘Safety is paramount in such circumstances and passengers were co-operative and understanding this morning.’ However, Deputy Maclean added: ‘It is very sad something like this should happen on Battle of Flowers day but it is completely out of our control.’ a class=houselinks href=”””” target=””_blank””>More details on check-in restrictions/a>


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