Housing trust buys estate for £13m


Le Benefice in St Clement has been sold by the States for £12,880,000 and will be officially opened tomorrow week.

The 73 rented houses were built on the former Hodge Nurseries site by Alpine Estates and all but two are already occupied.

Trust secretary Ed Le Quesne said residents were happy with their new homes, which will be opened at midday on 21 October at the Eastern Good Companions Club by Housing Minister Terry Le Main.

Mr Le Quesne said: ‘There are nine four-bedroom and 64 three-bedroom homes.

People are moving in and are finding it great.

There is plenty of space for children to play outside and the rooms are all quite spacious.

‘We are having a meeting on 8 November to discuss setting up a residents’ association.

People do feel proud to be there.

We have got people saying they should have some rubbish bins around and at the moment the play areas are just grass, and they might like to have swings there.

We do feel that residents should be consulted.’


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