Surgeon’s decision was called ‘mad’, court told


A CONSULTANT described leading gynaecologist John Day as ‘completely mad’ for leaving a ‘relatively inexperienced’ doctor alone in theatre, it was alleged in the manslaughter Assize trial yesterday.

It was also claimed that Mr Day had to be stopped from helping Dolores Moyano Ontiveros, who is accused of causing the death of a patient, from filling out her incident report. Yesterday was the fifth day of the trial of Dr Moyano, who is charged with the manslaughter of Elizabeth Rourke on 17 October 2006 during a routine hysteroscopy operation.

Dr Moyano’s Advocate, Michael O’Connell, asked consultant obstetrician gynaecologist Neil MacLachlan if he had described John Day as ‘mad, completely mad’ for leaving Dr Moyano to perform a hysteroscopy on her own. Mr MacLachlan is said to have made the comment when he was in a room with Dr Moyano following his time in the operating theatre trying to save Mrs Rourke’s life.

Replying to Advocate O’Connell, he said: ‘I have no recollection of my exact words, but am not saying I did not use those words.’

• Picture: Dr Moyano leaves the Royal Court at lunchtime followed by her advocate, Michael O’Connell. Picture by Jon Guegan (00611404)


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