Health agreement: Why follow suit with the UK instead of attracting more tourists?


From A Sowman.

WOW! I really did put the cat among the pigeons, didn’t I. Even Helier Clement (JEP, 14 April) got up early to read his paper.

Everyone will, I hope, realise that I did know that it was the penny-pinching UK government that started it all off with the ending of the health agreement. What a day to choose – April Fool’s Day.

We UK travellers are well used to this government’s spring tactics of endeavouring to keep everyone’s holiday money in-house, so to speak.

It happens every year about this time, usually in the form of some sort of extra tax, and this time, I’m sorry to say, it’s was Jersey’s turn.

The point I tried to make was that in the light of falling tourism figures to the Channel Islands, why follow suit? OK, I can appreciate why in the short term, but will the resulting drop in tourism once again be worth it?

Not many of Helier’s 50 million were visitors to Jersey in 2008 and I’m guessing it will be even fewer in 2009.

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