Health and safety horror stories revealed


The catalogue of accidents is contained within the 2008 Jersey Health and Safety Inspectorate Annual Report.

From a man who was found up a huge ladder cutting a hedge to the roofer who was working perilously close to a sizeable drop, the disregard for health and safety is sometimes jaw-dropping.

Others were not so lucky. The report includes the story of a firefighter who suffered a serious and career-threatening knee injury when he fell down a manhole while showing people around a training facility. It also describes the appalling injuries sustained by a 15-year-old boy who was helping his father in the garden.

The boy stepped back into the path of a power scythe as his father was operating the machine. His father tried to pull him out of the way, but was too late to stop the mechanical teeth cutting through they boy’s lower legs.

• See Wednesday’s JEP for full story.


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