Think twice, recruit locals


From J Carney, principal, J S Carney & Co Ltd.

WE couldn’t help but be seriously disappointed on reading your report on Graham Millar’s (MTS Russia, based in Moscow) appointment as chief executive of Jersey Telecom.

We have to seriously question how ‘Home Grown, World Smart’ reflects this corporate approach? The upper management of JT were until recently predominantly local personnel who had risen up through the ranks, qualified and demonstrated a high level of expertise over many years in a rapidly changing market place both locally and abroad.

Furthermore JT produced annual profits after significant infrastructure investment for the taxpayer for a couple of decades and very capably supported a rapidly expanding finance industry.

Where is the investment in local personnel, simple grooming for these positions, what are our young graduates going to make of all of this blatant States of Jersey exclusion from this kind of opportunity?

We are very mindful (particularly in legal circles) that several of the larger law firms locally are very highly regarded internationally and in many cases on the back of local personnel. This continuing erosion, lack of pride, support and constant contradiction in terms of children’s excellent educational secondary school results needs urgent and drastic review.


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