‘Spice’ supplier caught by plain-clothes officers


Ricardo Paulo Lopes (43), of Kensington Place, admitted three drugs charges, including being concerned in the supply of an illegal substance.

Police legal adviser Susie Sharpe said that the offence took place in January of last year, and that it had taken a year to proceed to sentencing due to delays in securing reports from the States Analyst Department and data from a phone.

Miss Sharpe said that plain-clothes police officers were in Belmont Road just after 10 pm on 26 January, when they noticed a man on a bicycle loitering in the area. He went to the door of a property and exchanged something with the defendant.

The police searched the man on the bike and located a wrap of 744 mg of a class B drug, the Magistrate’s Court heard.

The officers then went into the defendant’s address and found him inside with scales and other drug paraphernalia.

He was arrested and cautioned for possession of drugs. A wrap containing further herbal material was found in a hi-viz jacket in the premises.

Lopes admitted supplying drugs to the man on the bicycle. He said he had been involved in the supply of the drug 5F-ADB, a class B drug sometimes known as Spice. Miss Sharpe said that there was agreement between the defence and prosecution that Lopes might have supplied 105.5g of 5F-ADB.

Advocate Adam Harrison, defending, told the court that the street value could be as high as £20 a gram.

He said that his client acknowledged the seriousness of the offending and accepted that he may be going to prison.

The advocate submitted that Lopes was co-operative with police and subsequently made substantial admissions. He also said that a social inquiry report showed Lopes was making efforts to change.

In sentencing, Relief Magistrate David Le Cornu said: ‘I have taken into account the efforts you have made to turn your life around and to deal with your addiction.’


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