New Chief Minister continues to select his preferred team


The States will meet for the second time on Thursday to vote in the new ministers, with Senator Le Fondré able to propose his preferred candidate for each post – although any Member can challenge for each role with the Assembly ultimately deciding who takes the job.

Speculation has been mounting that Deputy Judy Martin is being lined up for Social Security, while Senator Sarah Ferguson could be proposed for the Health brief by the new Chief Minister.

States newcomer Deputy Hugh Raymond may also be called to the top table with his work as president of the Honorary Police Association likely to put him in the frame for Home Affairs, while Deputy John Young is a former chief officer in Planning and may be considered for Environment Minister.

During the Chief Minister debate on Monday, Senator Le Fondré revealed that he had offered three Senators the opportunity of being his first-choice ministers. Senator Tracey Vallois has been offered first choice for the Education portfolio, while Senator Sam Mézec would be proposed to take over at Housing, as well as being offered a yet-to-be-created role as Children’s Minister.

And Senator Ian Gorst – the man defeated in Monday’s Chief Minister election – has been asked to accept Senator Le Fondré’s nomination for the External Relations ministry with a specific focus on ensuring a good Brexit deal for the Island. However, it has not been confirmed whether Senator Gorst will accept the nomination.

Senator Le Fondré also said that he agreed with the suggestion from Deputy Carolyn Labey of creating an international relations ministry which would run in parallel with the External Relations Department and build upon her work within Jersey Overseas Aid.

An agreement signed by the new Chief Minister and Reform Jersey also revealed that party members Deputies Geoff Southern and Montfort Tadier would be offered assistant minister posts in Social Security and culture respectively, if they are unsuccessful in securing a full ministerial role.

With six of the 11 ministers from the previous term departing the States, numerous Members of the new Assembly have expressed an interest in a ministerial post.

Economic Development Minister Lyndon Farnham, Social Security Minister Susie Pinel, Home Affairs Minister Kristina Moore and Environment Minister Steve Luce have all indicated they would by happy to stay where they are.

However, all four supported Senator Gorst in Monday’s Chief Minister debate. Traditionally, the Chief Minister’s picks for ministerial posts have formed the majority of the Council of Ministers, with Senator Gorst getting his entire preferred team in 2014 and only losing two picks the term before.


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